Online banking

Security and Fraud Centre

Tesco Bank takes security very seriously and will never email or text you links that direct you to your account login page. Please remember we will never ask you for your full six-digit PIN, either by phone or online.

Keeping you safe

How we protect you

The security of your accounts is a priority for Tesco Bank. Find out about some of the things we have in place to protect you and your money.

How to protect yourself

A certain amount of vigilance and common sense can be enough to ensure that your identity remains safe. Find out about the steps you can take.

How to protect your devices

Malicious attacks on devices can lead to the compromise of your personal and financial security. Find out about the simple steps you should take to ensure your devices remain healthy and able to fend off such attacks.

Tesco Bank Secure

Tesco Bank Secure is part of the 3D Secure standard, and provides an extra layer of security when making purchases online. Learn about how it works and how to register to keep your debit and credit cards safe online.

Knowing what to look for

How to identify a genuine Tesco Bank email

Phishing emails are sent to you with the intention of either obtaining your security details or getting you to click on a link that will then load malware on to your computer. Find out how to spot the signs straightaway.

How fraud occurs, and what to look out for

There are now many ways fraudsters can obtain sensitive information. It pays to know about the things to look out for, so you can prevent this and keep your account and identify safe.

Tips for shopping securely online

As the popularity of shopping online has increased, incidences of fraud have also risen; there are precautions you should take to stay safe and make the most of the convenience of shopping online.

Further information

More information on how to protect yourself and how to protect your devices is available at Get Safe Online, which is a joint initiative between Government, law enforcement, leading businesses and the public sector.