Insulation in the home

Improving your home insulation is a great way to reduce energy.

You can benefit from home insulation by:

  • Saving money - home insulation is very energy-efficient, saving on energy bills
  • Achieving a comfortable environment for those in your home when temperatures outside are extremely cold or hot
  • One off cost - home insulation is permanent and does not require maintenance, upkeep or adjustment

Loft insulation - stop your energy bills going through the roof

You could be losing as much as 25% of your heating through your roof without loft insulation. If you install loft insulation to the recommended minimum 250mm depth, you could save around £205 a year on your bills and nearly one tonne of CO2!

Cavity wall insulation - caring for your creature comforts

Did you know that around a third of the heat lost at home is through the walls? Insulating your cavity walls could save you around £160 a year on your fuel bills and 800kg of CO2. Cavity wall insulation helps to create an even temperature around your home, help to prevent condensation on the walls and ceilings, and can also help to keep your home cooler during summer hot spells.

Be wary of the weather…

Your home will bear the brunt of all kinds of nasty UK weather. Once your home is properly insulated, bear in mind ongoing maintenance and repair costs. Review your home insurance: Does it provide the right level of cover?

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