Driving and the environment

Almost 50% of the UK's total carbon monoxide emissions come from cars, so we should all do our bit to cut down on our carbon emissions.

Car manufacturers may have already launched clean, carbon-friendly hydrogen and hybrid cars but there are small things you can all do to make a difference, from car pooling to just planning our journeys:

  • Guide to green driving
    Changing how you drive can make a big impact on how much fuel you use and your carbon footprint. Small steps make a big difference.
  • Biofuel
    Vegetable oils and animal fats powering cars? Biofuels could soon become an alternative to diesel and petrol-driven vehicles.
  • Hybrid cars
    Mazda, Honda and Ford have already launched prototypes.
  • Hydrogen cars
    Not only are they much cleaner but hydrogen-powered vehicles can be up to 80% more efficient than traditional, petrol-powered cars.
  • Reducing your carbon footprint
    Car sharing and Sat Nav – just some of the things you can do to cut your car's carbon emissions.

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