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Step 1 - Important information

  • Please read the policy documents to ensure that the policy you select meets your needs.
  • For details of who we are, the service we provide and our cancellation fees, please read our Terms of Business Agreement [PDF, 109KB].
  • For cancellation rights and the refunds that apply, please read the cancellation section of the Policy Booklet [PDF, 191KB].
  • Make sure the information you enter during the quote process is accurate as it could affect the cover you have under the policy or any claims you make.
  • If any of the information that you provide in your application changes during the policy year then you must tell us. You may be asked to pay an additional premium. An administration fee of £20 will also apply.
  • At quotation, renewal and when some policy amendments are requested, information about you will be obtained from credit reference agencies to check your credit status and identity. These searches will appear on your credit report but won't affect your credit rating. The agencies will record our enquiries and these searches may be visible to other lenders. Please read the Data Processing Information [PDF, 31KB] which explains how the information provided is used and shared. By continuing you agree that the data provided can be used in this way.

Tesco Bank Car Insurance is arranged and administered by Tesco Bank and is underwritten by a select range of insurers.

Step 2 - Applying online

  • Clubcard customers get a guaranteed discount so remember to enter your Clubcard number.
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